Willo Industries – Cricket Art Bats at the Bradman Centre

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For the past 8 months Will and his family have been working with a concept. A concept of starting a business which supports people with disabilities. A business that allows for creativity, connection with community and in an environment which is well supported.
Will is a young man and lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder which means that most of his life he has been faced with significant challenges. In order for Will to participate we have always had to create the opportunity, and for Will, he has always had to rise to the challenges. With Wills tenacity and resilience, his love of life and his passionate love of sport, especially cricket, we started Willo Industries.

The idea was to teach Will some skills through refurbishing cricket bats. It has become a thriving business which has opened the door to artists, sportspeople, musicians and communities from all over Australia. He has collected, refurbished and sold stunning pieces of art on cricket bats which range from painted, penciled, carved to amazing pieces that are sublime, beautiful to fanciful.

Will works daily on refurbishing the bats to send to artists and has become a role model for the ability in disability. He held his first exhibition and auction selling all the bats, has been featured on the ABC 7:30 Report on two occasions, Small Biz Secrets on SBS Australia. He has been interviewed and featured in many local media outlets including Highlife Magazine and live reports at his showings on ABC Illawarra Radio with Nick Rheinberger. A two month long display at the International Cricket Hall of Fame in Bowral and the Bowral Bookstore witnessed people coming from all over Australia to see the bats first hand in their window display.

Willo Industries will soon become an inclusive and fair business of choice for people living with disabilities based in a refurbished red rattler train at the Kazcare Grounds in Bowral. Will and his team will be refurbishing, packaging and sourcing the bats as well as furniture and other sporting equipment as well as art and woodworking classes will be offered for our diverse community to enjoy. The train is open to view.

Willo Industries is all about creating choice and an environment where there is an ability to grow, where there is collaboration from within our community and where there is compassion and understanding for diversity. All monies raised through the sale of the bats on the web site will go directly into the development of this business and environment.

See more on Willo: www.willoindustries.com.au

Instagram: www.instagram.com/willo_cricket_bats/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/willobats/

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