Who is Michael Beer?

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Michael Beer, 26, is a left-arm orthodox spin bowler for Western Australia. Beer was the leading wicket-taker in Victorian Premier Cricket last season before joining the Warriors ahead of the 2010-11 season.

What enticed you over to Western Australia?

The opportunity of a contract was definitely a major factor. I had been hoping and trying to get that opportunity and it came from somewhere outside Victoria but I didn’t think it was going to come at all.

Did the reputation of the WACA pitch as a paceman’s wicket make you think twice?

Not at all. In all forms of the game these days there’s a role for a spinner in all conditions so it didn’t enter my mind.

Fast-forward to next March, what would make you satisfied with your season?

I just want to get the most out of myself. I have a lot to improve in my game to get me where I want to be. And if I get an opportunity I have to take it.

What’s the best thing about Perth compared to Melbourne?

(Without hesitation) The weather. No doubt about it.

What makes spin bowling a tougher craft than fast bowling?

(Laughs) Each to their own! Even though I’m a spinner, I’ve got a bit of a fast bowler’s mentality. At first-class level the conditions make it harder for bowlers in general, so that’s a difficulty we’ve all got in common.

Where does the love for cricket come from?

I was lucky to have a father who played cricket at an older age at a sub-district level in Melbourne and he was the same as me – a pace bowler until he got to his mid-20s who then turned to spin. When I started bowling spin it just seemed natural having watched someone else do it, and do it well.

Did St Kilda Cricket Club’s finest spin product – Shane Warne – come down to the club much while you were there?

I played four games with him throughout my journey at St Kilda and each time I learnt so much. He always gave brilliant advice. We had a situation once where we were playing a game and almost forgot to do a warm-up because we were all inside just listening to him talk.

Who’s your pick: Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey?

Adam Sandler. It’s got to be Happy Gilmore, surely.

You walk into a cafรฉ and there’s a vanilla slice and piece of pavlova – which one do you choose?

Six-of-one or half-a-dozen of the other I reckon with this one. At the moment I probably shouldn’t have either, but I’d go the vanilla slice. Nothing beats them.

And, finally, the obvious questions…your beer of choice?

Hahn Super Dry comes first, and then probably XXXX Gold.

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