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Brad Haddin

Cards, boiled lollies, rugby league and the Muppets. Adam Burnett fins out what makes Australia’s gloveman tick.

If you hadn’t been a cricketer, what would you have been?

I think I would have still been involved in sport somehow – actually I’d probably still be banging my head against a wall trying to be a cricketer.

Is there a sport you’re rubbish at?

Yep. I’m hopeless at golf. I’m too embarrassed to even have a hit with the boys. There’s no way I’d go on the golf course with blokes like Hopes, Ponting, Ferguson, Hauritz. People say to me, “You swing a cricket bat and you look like you can obviously hit a ball”. But nine times out of 10, I miss the golf ball.

What car are driving these days?

I’ve got a Porsche and a four-wheel drive. The four-wheel drive’s only because I’ve got one kid and I’ve got another kid on the way – so we need two baby seats.

Tell us about these children of yours…

It’s been disappointing being injured lately but at the same time I’ve been lucky to spend so much time with Zac. He’s just turned two and we’ve got a little girl – there’s a scoop for you – due around the 25th-26th of October.

Is the young bloke following in his dad’s footsteps?

Well I’m not sure about that yet but he’s very, very quick. He’s only a little fella and he’s starting to get into kicking the soccer ball. He’s got his own mini-bat and he’s not sure whether he’s right-handed or left-handed at the moment but he’s a got a good swing either way. We never put a cricket bat in his hand, he’d obviously just watched me and he found an autograph bat that he wanted to swing around.

There’s a rain delay in a Test match – what do we find you doing in the dressing room?

That’d vary. I’m not one to play a game of cards – I might go for a walk and when I get back I guess I’d just get caught up in the change room banter; the longer you’re in there the more banter there is that goes around, so it’s always good fun.

Brad Haddin

What about on the field – is the banter similar?

Obviously you’re talking about what’s unfolding in the game and how you can move things forward. I’ll also be pestering Marcus North for a piece of chewy. Sometimes you look around and get caught up with what the crowd is up to. That’s one of the exciting things about the Ashes – we got a lot of amusement out of some of the things the Barmy Army were doing last year. In down times you listen to their songs and have a laugh and joke about what’s going on there.

Who’s your best mate in cricket?

In the Australian team I’ve been pretty lucky in that I’ve played a lot of cricket with a lot of the guys coming through – Michael Clarke and Marcus North are two guys I get on really well with.

What’s your favourite thing to do away from sport?

Because I’m away so much, I enjoy just being at home. Having a barbeque out the back with family and friends, and just being in a comfortable environment where you don’t have to worry about whether you’re saying something wrong (laughs).

Your favourite movie growing up?

I’ll tell you something I did watch over and over as a kid, and this may not be the answer you’re after. But my younger brother (Chris, 25) used to watch Muppet Babies all the time. So when he was one-and-a-half through to about three, there was nothing on our TV but bloody Muppet Babies.

How would you spend your last $20?

On a bag of boiled lollies.

Facebook or Twitter?

Neither. Definitely not my thing.

Any tattoos?

Nah mate, too old.

What’s your favourite sport outside cricket?

Probably rugby league. I’m the No.1 ticket-holder at the Canberra Raiders so I really enjoyed their run this season. They won eight of their last nine to make the finals and that was great to see.

Most embarrassing song on your iPod?

My younger brother put a Hanson song on my iPod. MMMBop. That’d top the list.

Favourite holiday spot?

Lizard Island. I’m a bit nervous about sharks but it’s a beautiful spot just to do nothing, and I enjoy that.

What song would you sing on X-Factor?

Jimmy Barnes, Working Class Man.

Who do you go to for advice?

I’ve got a pretty close circle of friends and a close family. Dad’s the one I turn to if you need some advice or you need to get something off your chest. He’s a pretty good sounding board and a good listener. I talk to Dad most days, so we’re a pretty close family.

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