The Hon. John Howard OM AC returns to Bradman

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160825-howardOn Friday 26 August 2016, it will be 20 years since The Honourable John Howard bowled the first charity coin in the courtyard pond at the Bradman Museum that was built to commemorate past players. The money raised since has been provided to the local hospital enabling it to purchase many vital items of equipment.

Now Patron and Director of the Bradman Foundation, it is fitting that the former Prime Minister returns to the Bradman Museum to address students from both Bowral High and Bowral Public Schools as part of the Cricket Australia media launch for the latest Cricket Smart Student resource for year 8 – 9 maths students tilted Bradman by the numbers. Mr Howard will be joined by former Australian players Brad Haddin and Tina MacPherson during the launch.

As Prime Minister in 1998, Mr Howard described Bradman as “the greatest living Australian”, and he amended the Corporations Law Regulations in 2000 to protect Bradman’s name from commercial exploitation and opened the Bradman Museum in 1996.

The Don, as he was affectionately known, retired from Test cricket in 1948 but remained closely involved with cricket administration including as Chairman of the Australian Cricket Board, now known as Cricket Australia. However, rather than fading from popular memory, his legendary status continued to grow to a point where, the Bradman Museum was developed and built with his full support to celebrate the game he believed was the greatest character builder of all our sports. After his death in February 2001, media, commentators and politicians felt comfortable describing him as a quintessential Australian and as someone who had helped forge the nation’s identity. It is fitting that The Don is included in curriculum aligned lessons for all school students and the Bradman Museum has been instrumental in ensuring that the Bradman story is infused into our national history through the Museum’s education and learning programs and events.

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Following Cricket Australian’s media launch, Bradman Foundation Chairman Maurice Newman, along with John Howard, Brad Haddin & Tina MacPherson will host a light lunch for volunteers, local cricket supporters, school headmasters, councillors and life members.

Bradman Centre Program – Friday, 26 August 2016
Media Launch: 10.15am – 11.30am
Hosted By: Cricket Australia
Contact: Catherine Ellis 0402 490 363

Bradman Museum Education Presentation: Theatrette 11.30am – 12.00pm
Luncheon: Main Hall 12.00pm
For more information contact: Belinda Dare 0456 449 880

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