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Former Chairman of the SCG Trust and member of the Bradman Foundation, Rodney Cavalier, wrote an energetic piece to all involved the fourth annual Rodney Cavalier Cup at Bradman Oval on Sunday October 15. Cavalier saw an opportunity to get the SCG XI and Bradman XI together for an annual match, to the great delight of players and spectators.

There was a breathless hush at Bradman this day.
Three to make and one ball to play

Today on Bradman Oval was the annual match between the Bradman XI and the SCG XI. In contest was the curiously named Rodney Cavalier Cup. Forty overs per side.

The SCG batted first and scored 184. Its innings cut short by a deceptive delivery from Rina Hore that had the batsman in all sorts of trouble. An intended hit over mid-wicket resulted in a swirling nick to the gully. The fieldsman held the catch.

184 looked more than sufficient when the Bradman XI lost its seventh wicket in the 29th over with only 108 on the board.

Enter Simon Taufel to join Pat Irvine, information technology consultant.

With controlled hitting well placed, some very fine cuts and cover drives, taking singles and twos, the partnership reopened the contest.

In the 40th over, four were required, two balls to come. A single. Three off one. The enthusiasm of the SCG made it seriously possible that overthrows could decide the contest.

Off the last ball a solid hit into the deep, two runs taken, an optimistic shy by the bowler missed the stumps and went a long way. The batsmen had run so far past the crease the run that was likely was not attempted.

Pat Irvine 33 not out. Simon Taufel 44 not out. Unbroken eighth wicket stand of 76.

A tie. I have not been present for a tie at any level of cricket before.

In a tie every delivery does most truly count. The stop that turned a boundary into a single, the miss that conceded a two, the lucky landing of a nick, the brilliant delivery and the well-timed four.

The game was played wholly inside the Spirit of Cricket and was a credit to the players and umpires.


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