Rachel Haynes forms opening partnership with Lend Lease

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Lend Lease Breakers star Rachael Haynes has broken ground by being the first female cricketer to be part of the Lend Lease Intern program.

Rachael, a current Australian representative, came to Sydney this season after previously having represented Victoria.

Looking for a way to combine cricket and a future in the workplace, she has been selected to participate in the Intern program with Lend Lease, who have recognised the importance of offering placement opportunities within their own company, as an important part of their sponsorship of women’s cricket and the Lend Lease Breakers.

The Intern program, sponsored by the Lend Lease Australian Diversity Council, is designed to provide meaningful work in a supportive environment and a flexible approach. In Rachael’s case this will allow her as a cricketer the chance to combine work, training and playing.

Rachael will work for Lend Lease over the coming summer as the first cricketer to reap the benefits of the program.

Rachael herself is delighted with the opportunity: “It is always difficult to be able to combine work and sport and there needs to be flexibility from a supportive employer. I am extremely grateful to Lend Lease for their sponsorship of the Lend Lease Breakers and for providing me with the opportunity to further my work skills while continuing to play cricket. The internships that they are providing will offer tremendous opportunities for female cricketers and I hope that I am the first of many to be able to be part of the program.”

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