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Greetings from Hyderabad where the 6th edition of the Indian Premier League is now underway. It’s been some time since I’ve been in touch this way, but just wanted to update you with what’s happening (mainly through sharing some photos).

Time is very tight in this tournament with my dual role as an umpire and umpire coach, along with progressing my ICC work. The scheduling doesn’t help but that’s the nature of the beast.

I arrived into Kolkata on Good Friday last week and hit the ground running with delivering a two day pre event workshop for the 19 BCCI Umpires participating. We held the event at Eden Gardens and we all had a good time in working through various training topics and testing our skills. The photo below was taken of the whole team – a great group of guys who will do well.

During my first few days in preparing for my own umpiring work, I was conscious of getting fit and ready for the demands of the hot / humid conditions. It was 37 degrees in Kolkata, and apart from visiting the gym most days for a session, it was my desire to have a swim and keep cool. The hotel pool was the place to be – as it turned out it was not, but they assured me it would be ready for use by the time the finals come around… thinks not!

One of the nice things about Kolkata is a great family I met through the Taj Hotel manager back in 2004. Sid and his sister, Nilanjana are very hospitable and it was fun to catch up with them again this trip. I also got to visit their spiritual guide, Guruma, who is a very sweet “young” lady – she doesn’t speak a lot of English but has a heart of gold and a mischievous smile.

As for the cricket, we are now two games into the 76 match schedule. It was good to be back on the park again in the heat of battle in front of a packed Eden Gardens with S Ravi as my onfield partner, Sudhir Asnani in the box with David Boon and Pathania, 4th umpire.

The atmosphere was electric and the home crowd cheered on the Kolkata Knight Riders to victory over the Delhi Daredevils.

Just as well we found the match ball before the game started!

Back to work now with another match tonight – all the best.


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