Courage, Honour, Humility, Integrity & Determination

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The objective of the Bradman Foundation is to ensure the Bradman name remains synonymous with cricket and his core values of courage, honour, humility, integrity and determination which seem preeminent in today’s world.

Sir Donald Bradman believed Cricket to be the greatest character builder of all sports. He believed that through playing cricket one not only learnt about the game but also learnt about oneself and the strength of one’s character. In teaching children to play cricket the Foundation aims to educate them about the values that are required to play the game well, to live a good life and contribute to society.  In displaying objects about cricket we aim to tell stories about courage, about honour, humility, integrity and determination.

One such object on display truly tells the story of honour.

Honour [on-er] – n personal integrity; allegiance to moral principles

One of the greatest examples of honour in Cricket was shown in 2005 at the end of day four of the 2nd Ashes Test at Edgebaston when England bowler Andrew Flintoff consoled a distraught Brett Lee after the Australian’s narrow loss, just two runs short of Englands 1st & 2nd Innings total.

The image symbolises the true spirit of cricket. Rather than celebrating his teams win and his triumph over the batters (Lee and Michael Kasprowicz), Andrew Flintoff emphathised with the Brett Lee’s pain and took the time to console him. The moment is captured in a lithograph signed by both Brett Lee and Andrew Flintoff that is on display at The International Cricket Hall of Fame and on loan from Brett Lee.

We think it’s truly a moment of honour in sport.

How many of us can lay claim to a moment like that?

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