Can you Plot Your Pitch?

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Have you ever wanted to be part of a museum? How about Plotting Your Pitch alongside some of the Game’s Greats?

The International Cricket Hall of Fame is launching a fantastic new social media, online and in-house project called Plot Your Pitch where players of all levels from all around the world can be part of our huge interactive map. Using Google Map technology our map can drill down to any cricket pitch in the world and you can search where a particular person or famous player played their first structured game of cricket, how old they were, who they played for and their memories of that game.

In the museum will be an enormous projection of a globe that shows all the pitches entered, where cricket is played around the world and individual entries for Plot your Pitch. Plot Your Pitch enables anyone who has ever set foot on a cricket pitch to play a game of cricket to take part.

We are looking for people to help launch this project!

Can you help us by Plotting Your Pitch? We will ask everyone the same questions:

  • What ground did you first play your first structured game? (Oval Name, town, county, country, City)
  • How old were you when you played your first match?
  • What year was it (approx.)?
  • What was the name of your team?
  • Any memories of that match? (Max 100 words)

Plot Your Pitch will be launched in January 2012 and we’d love to include you stories and photos if possible! Here’s an example to get you started:

An example could be Red Hill Public School Oval, Canberra, Australia. I was 10 and it was 1971. The team was Easts ACT Junior Cricket Club.  I made a duck and didn’t get a bowl but took three catches. We played on mats and the outfield was extremely small with very short boundaries. I only had thongs on but did not care as I just wanted to play.

To Plot Your Pitch just send your answers to the five questions above to [email protected]

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