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The Bradman Foundation is excited by the opportunity to work with Home Entertainment System (HES) to produce an on-line interactive cricket game called Don Bradman Cricket 14 for Sony PlayStation®3, Microsoft Xbox 360® and PC platforms.
Don Bradman is the headline and the only licensed player in the game’s library. Users have an extensive graphics gallery to select and build players to join “The Don” in a virtual match.

The Bradman Foundation has diversified its museum content and visitor experience to feature all three forms of today’s game. HES will be installing a gaming station in the Bradman International Cricket Hall of Fame for the visiting public to team up with Don Bradman Cricket 14.

What’s in a name?

Don Bradman, Cricket 14 was chosen as the name for the new game because, “this is an industry standard for the year 2014. This was unintentionally created by EA, the biggest sports gaming company in the world. Why not 13 ? Well, we will release towards the end of this year so the game would become outdated very quickly, people would rather buy a futuristic game than an outdated one.”

Sebastian Giompaolo, Managing Director for HES said:

It is indeed an honour to be able to bring the greatest player to a technology savvy generation of fans in what promises to be the greatest cricket game of all time. The game will be released worldwide and can be played online.

Don Bradman Cricket 14 is like playing a real game of cricket. The feature list is extensive and includes batting and bowling controls, physics of the ball, dynamics of individual team members, time of day, and weather.

Rina Hore, Executive Director of the Bradman Foundation stated:

The game is in keeping with the Museum’s mission to appeal to a diversified global audience. Don Bradman Cricket 14 will enable all gamers and visitors alike to play on-line with both gaming and cricket enthusiasts around the globe!

The game’s features expand on the style of educational components and technology that the public can find in the contemporary Museum at Bowral.

Don Bradman, Cricket 14 will be released in time for Christmas and will be available from all game retail outlets.

Check out the sneak-peak trailer here!

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