The Bradman Museum & International
Cricket Hall of Fame

In 2008 – to officially acknowledge the centenary of Sir Donald Bradman’s birth – the Australian Government provided a grant to the Bradman Foundation to establish an International Cricket Hall within the Bradman Museum.

With the objectives to engage, inspire and educate the driving forces behind the project, the International Cricket Hall extension opened in late November 2010. It ensures that Sir Donald’s legacy will remain accessible and inspirational for generations to come, across all Test playing nations.

Former Chairman of the Bradman Foundation, Mr Michael Ball AM was effusive in his praise for the development.

“It is a major milestone in the history of the Bradman Centre which includes Bradman Oval. Bowral should become home to The International Cricket Hall of Fame.

“Bradman Oval has always been viewed as the spiritual home of Bradman as it is the scene of Don Bradman’s early triumphs, and now that home is enlarged and enhanced by a splendid new building,” he said.

‘May cricket continue to flourish and spread its wings. The world can only be richer for it.’ – Sir Donald Bradman AC (1958 – The Art of Cricket)

Bradman Foundation

Bradman Foundation, a non-profit charitable trust, was established with the full support of Sir Donald Bradman AC to promote cricket though the museum and its programs as a valuable cultural and sporting force within the community.

The Foundation remains dedicated to honouring the contribution Sir Donald Bradman made to the game of cricket during his lifetime and bringing his vision – to encourage and inspire young people to serve their nation with respect, courage, honour and humility – to the world’s cricket community. Find out more about The Bradman Foundation.
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The International Cricket Hall of Fame will be opening on the 29th November 2010.

Please look around the website to find out about this exciting new cricketing experience.

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